Игры - Quests

It is believed that the sense of adventure is more common in boys pranksters-than-quiet girls. However, this view is fundamentally mistaken! The girls are no less than boys dream of a long journey, full of dangers and incredible encounters. They also beckon distant seas and unclimbed peaks, and they are just ready to fight even with a horde of villains at once! It is impossible not to love adventure - and absolutely no value has neither sex nor age.

Our mother as a child were read novels of Jules Verne, or Alexandre Dumas and secretly dreamed to be on the site of the heroes of the movie Two Captains. Today, much more relevant films about Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia. And even steeper - computer adventure games for girls! Unlike the book, where you can only watch from the exciting events, adventure games for girls make it possible to dive into the incredible world with his head! Adventure Games for girls - it's a great opportunity to embark on an exciting journey, not going beyond the threshold. Most delightful experience with home delivery - is not it the dream of every child?

Sometimes it seems that the adventure is long gone. Knights drove the horses in the stable and to grow fast-food bellies, the travelers abandoned the ships and move on planes, and some relative much easier to find through a social network, you go after him in the end of the world according to some address, outdated even ten years ago . We really have forgotten how to be romantic, we are not willing to expose themselves to danger and seek to comfort much more than an interesting life!

And if adults, this situation more than satisfied, here the children secretly resent. Are necessarily become adults, to turn into a boring nerds? How can exchange the romance of distant seas on warm shower? Is this correct - every evening include a TV and watch the news about the events in different countries when you can hit the road and see them live? It's time to tell his decisive "no" ordinary gray and boring life! And in order to properly prepare for the dangers and difficulties of the upcoming long journey, you must first work out well - for this and created an adventure game for girls!

Long live the wind, which in the face!

Adventure without dangers - this is not no adventure. That is why the dusty paths of the virtual spaces of fabulous countries where you and will keep the path will have to meet a variety of enemies. The way this adventure is never easy! It is difficult and thorny, but this just more fun.

So the first piece of advice - do not be afraid of danger! If you are one of those who prefer to sit on the sidelines, while others are fighting, or select a detour where possible, albeit risky, go - you have nothing to do in this journey. As sung in a famous and very old song, "If you're so lazy, if you're so shy - just sit at home, do not walk!" Boldly rushes into battle, making use of all his natural skill and dexterity, and only then you will achieve guaranteed success.