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Weapons Throughout human history, was one of the main arguments resolve all differences. And the one who has these weapons were more sophisticated and easy to use invariably won. And the winner gets the best resources and, therefore, excellent conditions for development. And, of course, we must not forget about the fact that the weapons should be still skillfully applied. Furthermore, even a skilled warrior with a knife in his hand is able to withstand less experienced opponent, whether he is armed with a gun, even. In this sense, military proficiency can also be considered a real weapon. For a soldier, it is important to have not only brute force, but also characteristics such as agility, speed and endurance.

The climax of the good soldier skills that will allow him to overcome any opponent are indicators of intelligence, such as wit, observation, the ability to quickly analyze the situation and make the right decision. Of course, we can not forget about the moral standing, who not once in the history of world wars allow smaller, tired and poorly armed troops win a convincing victory over a large force of the enemy. However, now that the technology goes further and human genius has created a lot of truly amazing inventions, technical equipment of the army and realistic shooters out on a completely different level.

Skillfully using the accumulated knowledge of generations, the man was able to create a truly terrifying weapon that gives an overwhelming advantage soldier who equipped them. Even the most powerful, experienced, intelligent and customized to fight to the last drop of blood warrior African tribes, armed with traditional spear tipped with a bone, little could oppose Mediocre professional army soldiers, armed with automatic rifles and wearing body armor.