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Childhood memories are usually always pleasant and cheerful. One of the pleasant moments of childhood for many were 8-bit consoles such as Dandy. What a joy it was for the children who grew up in the Soviet Union and knew slot machines like "sea battle". The eyes of friends who found out that you have a set-top box, burning with envy and desire to play. And the beginning of the 90s was marked by these consoles Dendy, because personal computers with their gaming experience was not. Unfortunately, such a set-top box cost about $ 84, and many could not afford.

Play on these consoles, and older and younger generations. Sometimes the established place to play. And the children in the family almost fighting over consoles. And what were the games: Tanks, Super Mario, Contra. We all knew the name of the game and every day to share their achievements, showing off the next mileage level. Today, there are a lot of games, and most of them are three-dimensional with superb graphics. STB is the last century, today is not found, it is in a museum or in the attic of his grandmother. Even more difficult to buy her cartridges and expensive.

Those who attack on nostalgia for those times (programmers and gamers) have developed a Dandy-emulators for PCs, which allow you to play in the old forgotten games for Dendy. Now you can without any noise or run counter Tanks screen in your browser and play online. Our site offers a lot of games that were available in the good old NES. And not necessarily located on the site, playing online, you can download an emulator and enjoy the game on your computer. Games Database is constantly filled with new games that will allow you to be distracted and a little back to my childhood.

Our nostalgic entertainment portal dedicated to the legendary console NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) known in Russia under the brand name "Dandy". In the 90 years have prefixes Dendy was a real joy. Remember these sleepless nights for Mario and tanks? And cartridges, of which there were one chip?

Progress does not stand still. Now that would play your favorite games do not need to buy the console and cartridges. On our website you can download special software emulators and ROMs Dandy (games) to them. It offers more than 10 000 Roma, can you imagine how much this cartridge? As a child of such could only dream of! Moreover, the site "Mario 8bit" can be played in Dandy online. For total immersion in the 8-bit world we recommend to get the game to play, or as we called it a joystick. Incidentally, the emulators and online games on the site can be saved. Now do not go poorly Mario?