Игры - Race Games

Games "Race" - a unique opportunity to go behind the wheel of countless vehicles. And hundreds of exciting project to suit every taste and color, which can play both online and download to your computer, and absolutely free. From you only need to check on our website, which does not take long.

Thirst for speed virtually lives in each of us, but not everyone is destined to be a steep street riders or BMX experienced a number of reasons. Online games "Racing" will give you the opportunity to realize their dreams in video format. The main thing to decide on the sort of race you prefer.

The first large-scale category - projects to play a game that is built around physics. As a vehicle here, as a rule, serves mountain bike or a hulking truck. Your task - to overcome the way from the beginning of the route to the end without falling into the abyss and turned over. And the sooner you do, the more points you earn. Model the behavior of the bike, truck or other vehicle is as close to reality, so that even the most seemingly harmless action can be a fatal mistake.

The second category - the race with obstacles. As a rule, the physical model in these games is not a distinctive realism, but the problems in the course of the trip you have typed in full, whether it's spilled oil, the abyss, barrels and other obstacles that must be overcome simply did immediately. Otherwise, you will lose or loss of precious time, which will certainly affect the prize.

The third category of large-scale - street racing, rallying or Formula 1. Here, everything is standard - choose a favorite car, the track and that there is a force push on the gas pedal. No fads here already should not be expected - simple and trivial task, namely to cross the finish line ahead of opponents.

If you love cars, but did not want to participate in adrenaline-charged racing, then perhaps you might be interested simulators taxis, ambulances and other types of vehicles. These projects focus on the accents right away in a busy city life and can serve as a good tool for real motoring. As well as games, teaching the basics of proper parking.

Of course, not without all sorts of exotics. For example, a lot of racing to show a plan view, trying to imitate game series GTA. Or, for example, the race for aircraft: airplanes, helicopters and even spaceships. Not forgotten, and the race with what some famous characters: for example, go-kart with a family, starring the Simpsons.