Игры - Minecraft

Walk on the best games that are based on the universe of the famous mega, super popular and incredibly amusing game. Online games «Minecraft» - this is an exciting adventure square head men in the worlds, consisting, as strange as it may sound, too, from the squares.

Just imagine - you are in the role of the sole survivor, was left alone with the universe in which there are no borders. You - the creator, maker, carpenter, herdsman, fisherman, artist and musician in one person. You are free to do what you please do. Act! Beautiful and yet dangerous world of flash games «Minecraft» freedom is limited only to your imagination.

On our site contains the most new and immensely cool games of the series. Walk on the best games that are based on the universe of the amusing game. In this list there as well as a 2D game for nostalgic fans of fine symphony, and advanced 3D games, for people interested in the technical component. Consider, for example, the game «Minecraft 2": Easy on the idea of the game and the gameplay, you might say. During that same play here? But do not jump to conclusions! You - herobrin. Your task - to find blocks that then, in the future, to build a house from them, strong and reliable. The stronger the house, the easier it will be to contain the hordes of bloodthirsty zombies who crave and enjoy your warm sweet flesh pixel. Beware the Creeper! These seem at first glance nice and good-natured creatures explode deafening bang, changing the landscape of the country to a virtual unrecognizable as soon as you get close to them at the maximum allowable distance.

Also we are available multi planers games that you can play with your best friends and get a huge charge of good mood for the rest of the day. If you want with a friend how to laugh, and at the same time and watch the colorful cartoon, then welcome to the section of small jokes. A variety of video: from wildly funny to incredibly hilarious. Those who, for whatever reasons, does not know a foreign language and speaks only in Russian, we recommend Block Story. Russified everything: from the main menu to the inventory icons. All games are available for free online, that is, without downloading. However, you can download any game you like on your computer.