Игры - Flying

Soar like a bird above the clouds everyone dreams, and now this opportunity is available to everyone! Top online games that simulate control of the aircraft, will allow you to feel the hard everyday life of pilots. Planes, helicopters, blimps - hard to find an aircraft that would not have been used in at least one of the games. If you like something, do not miss the chance to download the game on your computer to practice. Show your skills and conquer the skies! Many children dream of becoming astronauts, but for various reasons were on the ground and never rose as high as the main characters of these games. Legendary aces and pilots, which will only become known, are in your hands. With you they will go through the wars and conflicts around the world, not stopping at nothing. In the air, the laws are very simple - if you do not, then you.

Adrenaline and cruelty air battles will make an unforgettable impression on you. Gorgeous animation, flavored with quality voice acting, will penetrate the atmosphere and enjoy every second, conducted for these games. Relive the most spectacular moments of the battles of the past and the future together with us!

Fly like a bird in the clouds, can not only combat pilots. Try yourself in the role of the transporter, or MTA, transporting valuable cargo or rescue the refugees from distant countries, carrying them to safety! Rescue missions are no less important than fighting, and your contribution to the security of the country, albeit virtual, will be marked!

If you are attracted by the free sky, and you want to float in it, then it's time to get acquainted with a luxurious list of games from our website! Here you can find everything what can only dream of, and spend time in a pleasant atmosphere! This is a special category of flash entertainment that puts the player into the world of heaven or space battles. Sit down to play the game online flying and driving fighter, helicopter, maize and even an alien flying saucer, show agility in the running to perform a combat mission, successfully landed or transport of passengers from one place to another safely. Maneuver in narrow gorges in 3D flying, train in avia, surf the universe - all of these games are available flying with us for free and without registration. And if you are inconvenienced by loneliness, you need to play for two - fight in aerial duels with his friends.

Man has long sought to fly, the ancient people tied to his homemade wings and threw themselves from cliffs in the hope that they will be able to fly, but most attempts have been in vain and the people killed by flying only a few seconds. Today, there are so many ways to go in the air - it's jets and helicopters, and gliders, parachutes, balloons, airships, gliders and other passenger transport. But what if you want to not only fly, but also to control the aircraft? You come flash games flying, where you will be able to manage a variety of means of transportation by air! Fly on parachutes and airplanes, doing the job!