Catalog of the best online games with a client in Russian, where everyone can find something for themselves. The popularity of these games is extremely high and it is not surprising, because they are all free. Just imagine - you turn on your PC, sits in his favorite chair ... and live a completely different life in a different world. You choose what to play, how to act, where to go and what will your character - either positive or negative. Playing popular games on the PC, you can be brave conqueror, the ruler of a kingdom, a cruel landowner samurai or peace, and perhaps even the savior of the world. How many different vote games - so there are opportunities to try on a new role. And if you like it - the many, many hours of fun in the company of virtual friends you provided!

Top vote games on the computer allowed to make new acquaintances and the possibility of permanent online communication in the game world makes it even more fun activities. And this is one of the reasons for the popularity that gained new vote games. The second is that these games can be played for free and our resource - is no exception. All you need to enjoy a day - it's your desire to download it and free time. And be prepared for the fact that maybe the gameplay really delay you. Besides constantly make good and new games of 2015, so that activities in virtual worlds enthusiasts vote games not ever get bored!

This section is entirely devoted to online games. Do you want to find out which of them are users of the portal is considered the best? Seeks to find out when there are new game format online? You do not know, but really want to know, will take place in the foreseeable future release some excellent online toy from Russian developers? Then you came to the right place. In this section you will find all the necessary information to you on various online projects, whether it be a flash game, RPG, MMOFPS, race and so on. Base the portal is so vast that it even you'll find materials on children's online games - at least for boys, although girls.Whether it is a guarantor of quality?