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HALL OF FAME ( Pride game2ok ) (Updated the first of each month )

GAMES logical

Онлайн игра Crazy Dad Halloween - Crazy Dad Halloween.

Crazy Dad Halloween

Голосов : 3

It is quest in which you should find candies which somewhere are hidden.

(Played: 203)
Онлайн игра Psychoscape - Psychoscape.


Голосов : 0

You have woken up in the prison cell, your task to run away. You have to pass through several puzzles and win against Bill Cosby! You have to move the character, use jumps and movement to bypass obstacles. Don't forget to do improvements.

(Played: 345)
Онлайн игра Monkey GO Happy Planet Escape - Monkey GO Happy Planet Escape.

Monkey GO Happy Planet Escape

Голосов : 9

In this part of the logical game you have to collect metal parts and save your little friends of monkeys. Exchange spare parts from an alien and fix your spaceship.

(Played: 867)
Онлайн игра Deadly Stasis  - Deadly Stasis .

Deadly Stasis

Голосов : 2
It is a logical game puzzle to survive, you should define a way, как  to pass to the following floor. After the lightning hits into you, at you appear ability to freeze time. During this time you should use surrounding objects to find a way h...
(Played: 885)
Онлайн игра Hunt Diamonds  - Hunt Diamonds .

Hunt Diamonds

Голосов : 60

In the game Hunt Diamonds you should direct a mouse at diamonds to earn money. Buy upgrades to increase the money received for one diamond. Do it until you aren't unblocked extraction of new diamonds. You can passively earn money.

(Played: 7,303)
Онлайн игра Freak out kid - Freak out kid.

Freak out kid

Голосов : 3

You should solve various problems in lives and houses, solving everything independently.

(Played: 954)
Онлайн игра Monkey GO Happy Escape - Monkey GO Happy Escape.

Monkey GO Happy Escape

Голосов : 26

One more game about a monkey, in Monkey Go Happy Escape is one more part of a fascinating game. You should solve various logical problems to escape from the terrible lock!

(Played: 2,027)
Онлайн игра Caribbean Admiral 2 - Caribbean Admiral 2.

Caribbean Admiral 2

Голосов : 10
You the beginner in piracy business. You are waited by adventures, monsters, and other pirates, new awards, the sea of rum and women. Use awards and treasures got in valorous fights for for updating of your ships. Buy the new ships that you could ...
(Played: 1,846)
Онлайн игра Monkey GO Happy Magic - Monkey GO Happy Magic.

Monkey GO Happy Magic

Голосов : 11

In this part you have to for a magician to collect all magic scrolls and find all their relatives out of 10 monkeys. Solve all the puzzles and find all clues and your friend will begin to smile again.

(Played: 1,129)
Онлайн игра Broken Horn 2 - Broken Horn 2.

Broken Horn 2

Голосов : 19

You are traveling in an ancient pyramid in search of his horn, you have to carefully bypass the guards and out of the room unnoticed. Good luck!

(Played: 2,273)
Онлайн игра Monkey Go Happy Lights - Monkey Go Happy Lights.

Monkey Go Happy Lights

Голосов : 14

Monkey Go Happy Lights is one more variation on Monkey Go Happy. You should find the hidden things, to put them in a backpack, and then as required to use them для  solutions of puzzles and to help others.

(Played: 946)
Онлайн игра  - .

Голосов : 24

You should survive in the world of fishes, be careful of enemies, eat seaweed, create the group.

(Played: 4,146)
Онлайн игра Elite Squad 2 - Elite Squad 2.

Elite Squad 2

Голосов : 23
Continuation of a fine game in which you protect your city from invasion of the zombie. Expose shooters so that monsters haven't passed by. Employ those who tankut, attacks, freezes. Use abilities which stop, I undermine and blow up enemies. Good ...
(Played: 7,230)
Онлайн игра Girls Like Robots - Girls Like Robots.

Girls Like Robots

Голосов : 5

Funny logic game with good graphics. You need to place robots between girls so that they were satisfied. Complete all the levels with different complexity, good luck.

(Played: 793)
Онлайн игра Ugly Invasion - Ugly Invasion.

Ugly Invasion

Голосов : 7

In this puzzle game you have to put the balls so that others do not have time to eat. Grow different balls monsters, seize territory and earn stars for which will be able to unlock new levels.

(Played: 910)
Онлайн игра Bob The Robber 3 - Bob The Robber 3.

Bob The Robber 3

Голосов : 24
Bob Grabitel 3 is very cheerful adventure game, you should disappear, in it to you надо  & nbsp; to carry out several reserved cases with high risk, in dozens of dangerous places. You should pass through the place which teems with securit...
(Played: 3,556)
Онлайн игра Nick Pet Vet - Nick Pet Vet.

Nick Pet Vet

Голосов : 21
SpongeBob Doctor helps all animals and creatures that are in trouble. In your clinic, you specify different methods of disease control and other troubles. Treat your dog from the problems with the stomach and pull out of the tap, remove the build-...
(Played: 4,693)
Онлайн игра Rustyard - Rustyard.


Голосов : 8

Help the small robot Grow by name to bring order in him pass the city, perform various logical tasks and pass all levels.

(Played: 1,699)
Онлайн игра Save The Clock Tower - Save The Clock Tower.

Save The Clock Tower

Голосов : 4

A fascinating quest in which you have to solve a lot of mysteries and puzzles to keep sight of the city. Manage grandmother, collect items and go through the whole game.

(Played: 643)
Онлайн игра Wheely 8 - Wheely 8.

Wheely 8

Голосов : 56
This continuation of the well-known game about Willie's machine, in this part his girlfriend Jolie has gone to a picnic. But there was an unexpected event - has landed the UFO, and the newcomer has left it, he has told that he needs a component fo...
(Played: 7,131)
Онлайн игра Trollface Quest: Video Games - Trollface Quest: Video Games.

Trollface Quest: Video Games

Голосов : 90
This continuation of the game Trollface Quest. You should troll the famous characters of video games, at the same time solving various complex problems. You will face various characters of video games. You should go more than 30 levels to Trollfac...
(Played: 24,478)
Онлайн игра -

Голосов : 15

The next variation of multiplayer game on a snake, Win against other players, collect bonuses and climb above level.

(Played: 3,744)
Онлайн игра Little Sentries - Little Sentries.

Little Sentries

Голосов : 31

In a game you protect the fortress from attacks of orks. Pump over the soldiers, improve magic and you sozranit the world in the city.

(Played: 2,728)
Онлайн игра Serene Sky - Serene Sky.

Serene Sky

Голосов : 2

You should put figures so that they have got to the place, and to defreeze figures.

(Played: 1,038)
Онлайн игра -

Голосов : 32 is the game based on the game! In this game if your snake touches other snake, then you will lose. But you can also grow at the expense of others as you can eat them!

(Played: 5,223)
Онлайн игра Fly With Rope 2 - Fly With Rope 2.

Fly With Rope 2

Голосов : 15

Disperse from the building to the building to reach the end of each level without falling.

(Played: 1,745)
Онлайн игра Through Abandoned 2: Forest - Through Abandoned 2: Forest.

Through Abandoned 2: Forest

Голосов : 7
It is a small quest where you should pass through several doors as you have woken up near a door, you have lost memory, and you can't remember anything, you have a key from something...  You should understand, what happened. Game is created b...
(Played: 1,328)
Онлайн игра The Horrors of Tiberian Valley - The Horrors of Tiberian Valley.

The Horrors of Tiberian Valley

Голосов : 21
You with your workmate go to the most terrible places on the planet to kill terrible necromancers, skeletons, the zombie and other otherworldly beings. Correctly count your blows, recover, sell production or dress on the hero. Clear this world of ...
(Played: 2,803)
Онлайн игра Pet Olympics - Pet Olympics.

Pet Olympics

Голосов : 17

In game you choose to yourself the pleasant pet and you begin to train him for performance at the Olympic Games. Pump over swimming, run, driving, a throwing and other disciplines.

(Played: 2,626)
Онлайн игра The Journey Home - The Journey Home.

The Journey Home

Голосов : 43

It is a quest in which you should come back home, at the same time you should overcome many various adventures on the road, to meet many people and enemies.

(Played: 5,658)