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HALL OF FAME ( Pride game2ok ) (Updated the first of each month )


    Онлайн игра The Flying Farm - The Flying Farm.

    The Flying Farm

    Голосов : 6
    In this game you operate a farm, you should use as soon as possible all tools that the harvest was not gone. You should grow up various cultures and to do different goods. At each level to you the mission is allowed to make certain goods. You shou...
    (Played: 1,210)
    Онлайн игра Plantera - Plantera.


    Голосов : 82
    Are you ready to take care of your farm? In the game you will be planting various kinds of plants, trees and other crops. Clicking the mouse is distilled off foxes, birds, moles and other animals that want to steal the fruits of your garden or eat...
    (Played: 7,711)
    Онлайн игра Harvest Tycoon - Harvest Tycoon.

    Harvest Tycoon

    Голосов : 29

    As well as in all games of such genre you begin with handling of the earth and you grow up different types of cultures, having sold them you collect the necessary equity for development of your business.

    (Played: 1,929)
    Онлайн игра Fist of Awesome - Fist of Awesome.

    Fist of Awesome

    Голосов : 59
    The man was left without family and his house has burned down. His hand begins to speak with him and tells that if he performs all his tasks he it will be able to return back time and to rescue his family. Beat Elks with fists and legs, win agains...
    (Played: 9,380)
    Онлайн игра Masha and the Bear Farm - Masha and the Bear Farm.

    Masha and the Bear Farm

    Голосов : 55

    In this game you should raise various products on a farm, to plow the earth, to fertilize and to manage to do it everything not bigger quantity of beds.

    (Played: 13,061)
    Онлайн игра Finger Vs Farmers - Finger Vs Farmers.

    Finger Vs Farmers

    Голосов : 113
    You climb the finger to the farmer who quietly lived. It against climbed to it, and tries to banish you, but you direct democracy in its economy, and you accustom the owner of a farm to be tolerant, and to honor democracy and свободу.  It is ...
    (Played: 15,885)
    Онлайн игра Stop GMO 2 - Stop GMO 2.

    Stop GMO 2

    Голосов : 28

    You play as a rabbit, which was got in the pit evil carrots and cucumbers toothy.You have to work hard to clean up the well.Look not perish in it.To this end, better weapons, skills, and do not forget to move away from the enemy.

    (Played: 4,667)
    Онлайн игра Sheep farm - Sheep farm.

    Sheep farm

    Голосов : 23
    This game is about a farm with sheep.You have to produce wool and milk.Shear the sheep twice a year, so you'll need to process wool for sale.In general, you should have a supply of untreated wool in the area of ​​10-40%, a little less dirty.You wi...
    (Played: 3,931)
    Онлайн игра Fisherman - Fisherman.


    Голосов : 20

    You play in the economic strategy, you develop your business, your job is to build the company for catching fish, build factories .Build new homes, offices, in general, feel like a real rich businessman.

    (Played: 3,286)
    Онлайн игра Halfling Tycoon - Halfling Tycoon.

    Halfling Tycoon

    Голосов : 119
    In game you as the farmer who on an empty site tries to develop, earn and become man of means. In fact it is possible to call game a clicker as you help clicking on a cow, food, the wood. Get a tree, water, tangerines, food, milk sell and receive ...
    (Played: 23,032)

    Sheep: Hurr Durr

    Голосов : 30

    You have to throw a sheep in the barn, it is desirable to losing as much as possible their less.In general, try to wake up the sleeping side by side, so as not to lose too much.

    (Played: 8,913)
    Онлайн игра  Safari -  Safari.


    Голосов : 15

    In this fascinating strategy you should operate parks of a safari worldwide. It is necessary to make them profitable and full of visitors. Modernize parks, create new, all in your hands of the manager.

    (Played: 3,355)
    Онлайн игра Harvest Defender - Harvest Defender.

    Harvest Defender

    Голосов : 79

    In this game you protect your beds from attacking trolls, demons and other evil creatures. At the end of each round, you get a gold for stored vegetables. Go to the store and buy new weapons or upgrade the current attack and repel thieves.

    (Played: 11,183)
    Онлайн игра CREEP CRAFT 2 - CREEP CRAFT 2.


    Голосов : 668

    You green reptile, and you need to perform various tasks, the game demo, this is available only a couple of levels, until there is only a game on the website of the author.

    (Played: 93,194)
    Онлайн игра Vegetable farm 2 - Vegetable farm 2.

    Vegetable farm 2

    Голосов : 13

    Do you have a farm with 12 fields where you can grow a variety of plants.You need to grow as much as possible the harvest, collect it, sell it, buy more improvements to plant the crop again something, assemble, and to earn as much money.

    (Played: 2,820)