Old Angry Wizard

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Description of the game
Game in which you play a role of the old wizard. You head through the desert area, but sometimes before you there is a Spirit of the Ring which easily can destroy you. That it hasn't occurred, you have two ways: to escape away or to kill Spirit. Besides, you shouldn't forget that you are old and weak therefore it is necessary to take in time medicine which is on a silver platter from time to time. To you the little hobbit will sometimes meet. He is absolutely harmless therefore just don't pay attention to him. Bonus: an opportunity to change appearance of the main character. The old man wizard instantly turns into the punk or the solid gentleman in the cylinder. Management: shooters on the keyboard - for movement in space, And - blow, S - a jump
It is online game from the category ACTION GAMES, which you can play free of charge on game2ok. Already played it 1135 times, the game was added by 2013-05-16
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