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HALL OF FAME ( Pride game2ok ) (Updated the first of each month )

GAMES strategy

Онлайн игра Super Flippy Knife - Super Flippy Knife.

Super Flippy Knife

Голосов : 6
  is the game in throwing of a knife, in various situations. There are two types of a game. 
In the arcadian mode to you needs to thrust a knife on the platform.
B in another, to you it is necessary to hit the mark. Use money to buy more knives.

(Played: 509)
Онлайн игра Night At The Colosseum - Night At The Colosseum.

Night At The Colosseum

Голосов : 37

Great game in which you go to the cave under the Colosseum and kill the ghosts. Break the barrels, collect items, combine them with gold improve its features and characteristics, pleasant hunting ghosts.

(Played: 2,720)
Онлайн игра 3D City - 3D City.

3D City

Голосов : 22

In this game you should build the city in 3D.

(Played: 4,354)
Онлайн игра Fury Clicker - Fury Clicker.

Fury Clicker

Голосов : 26
Very cool clicker unfortunately short, you should ambush and kill enemies who leave from the bases. Having earned by money you can employ various military with the abilities. Use support from air use chemicals and other spells quicker to overcome ...
(Played: 10,179)
Онлайн игра 55 Days - 55 Days.

55 Days

Голосов : 16

You play for a city measure, and you should build buildings and to develop the city to make your citizens happier.

(Played: 3,485)
Онлайн игра  1941 Frozen Front -  1941 Frozen Front.

1941 Frozen Front

Голосов : 118
Here you battle in 1941 for various troops, generally standard strategy. But it seems authors have decided to choose only Germans, against the USSR, probably they have an offense for a victory of the USSR over Germans, and so she want to change in...
(Played: 11,792)
Онлайн игра Lego My City 2 - Lego My City 2.

Lego My City 2

Голосов : 399

Perform various tasks, build buildings, and you watch in the country that everything was as it should be.


English version

(Played: 42,997)
Онлайн игра Brave Heads - Brave Heads.

Brave Heads

Голосов : 19

Your enemies hurry to attack you, you should build quicker protection, otherwise all your lands will be occupied by these soldiers. Build towers to protect the homeland, use spells, connect them to towers. Try not to pass anybody.

(Played: 3,829)
Онлайн игра Little Alchemy - Little Alchemy.

Little Alchemy

Голосов : 90

In игре  Small Alchemy you should mix elements until at you things harder and harder turn out, in game more than 560 elements, try to bring together them everything, don't receive the most irregular shapes yet.

(Played: 10,867)
Онлайн игра Building Rush 2 - Building Rush 2.

Building Rush 2

Голосов : 33
In the game Building Rush 2 you operate the small town. You in fact are a logistician, вам  it is necessary to adjust управление  production and delivery of various freights and construction materials for all building sites. Then you sho...
(Played: 3,324)
Онлайн игра -

Голосов : 13
In this multipleerny game you were landed deeply in the back of the opponent. You operate the tank, and right after disembarkation you appear deeply in the back. You should destroy all enemy tanks and will occupy all place. You have several types ...
(Played: 4,002)
Онлайн игра Dungeon Clicker - Dungeon Clicker.

Dungeon Clicker

Голосов : 347

In this clicker you should battle against various monsters and their owners. Build to yourself army, improve it.

(Played: 51,709)
Онлайн игра Factory Idle - Factory Idle.

Factory Idle

Голосов : 360

In the Clicker of Factory you work as the manager of plant. You have to arrange most effectively all cars and machines. As a result you have to make the goods. You should improve production, to buy still the land and to think logically.

(Played: 70,514)
Онлайн игра Island Defense - Island Defense.

Island Defense

Голосов : 36

You lived to yourself on the island, touched nobody, with the family. But suddenly пришли  pirates, also try to occupy your island. You should build various constructions to be protected and exempt the island from pirates.

(Played: 5,432)
Онлайн игра Tower vs Monster 3D - Tower vs Monster 3D.

Tower vs Monster 3D

Голосов : 14

In this game you should protect pass from enemies, и  to put towers so that nobody has passed. Improve and build new towers.

(Played: 4,204)
Онлайн игра Bunny Invasion: Easter Special - Bunny Invasion: Easter Special.

Bunny Invasion: Easter Special

Голосов : 29
Your friend had had a problem, rabbits with grenades have begun to resort to him. You should help your buddy to protect his lodge that it was possible to beat off rabbits. Improve the weapon if you find pskhalny egg, then at you will eat 48 improv...
(Played: 4,558)
Онлайн игра Raiders took my dog - Raiders took my dog.

Raiders took my dog

Голосов : 43

Cool game in which you started rescuing the dog from paws of newcomers. You should operate the character who shooting stops crowds of military monsters. Use bonuses, collect coins and improve characteristics of the weapon.

(Played: 4,223)
Онлайн игра Mutant Fighting Cup 2 - Mutant Fighting Cup 2.

Mutant Fighting Cup 2

Голосов : 260

Create the unique monster and participate in fights worldwide. Before fight choose genes which will connect and will make your pet impregnable.

(Played: 45,141)
Онлайн игра Empire Defender 5 - Empire Defender 5.

Empire Defender 5

Голосов : 28

In this fifth part of strategy of Empire Defender 5, you should protect the lock from aggressors, all too most, as in the previous parts, improve the lock and the weapon, and then you will be able to defend all attacks of aggressors.

(Played: 23,399)
Онлайн игра Brave Shorties - Brave Shorties.

Brave Shorties

Голосов : 96

Very fascinating and interesting strategy both for adults and for children. You have troops and you go on different continents to be at war with the opponent, after each fight you can modernize characters. Pass all levels!

(Played: 43,541)
Онлайн игра Astral Crashers - Astral Crashers.

Astral Crashers

Голосов : 21

The good strategy reminding an old kind Starcraft. You operate troops, you destroy the opponent and his bases. Build bases, get crystals, improve troops and pass all missions.

(Played: 3,087)
Онлайн игра Super Squad! - Super Squad!.

Super Squad!

Голосов : 110

Good strategy but so far on a beta testing. You have a group which has to stop army of monsters. Buy new soldiers, pump over them and modernize.

(Played: 12,509)
Онлайн игра TD m - TD m.

TD m

Голосов : 9

This game classical protection of towers, only with beautiful 3D graphics in which you have on a choice some towers, and you can change a way of the opponent at discretion, closing, or opening pass.

(Played: 2,701)
Онлайн игра Pandav Heroes Of Hastina - Pandav Heroes Of Hastina.

Pandav Heroes Of Hastina

Голосов : 9

In Pandav Heroes Of Hastina  brothers lived separately. To you it is necessary working to benefit fights from their person, and to break all enemies.

Use WASD keys for movement of the camera, and a mouse for an action choice.

(Played: 2,257)
Онлайн игра Age of Giant 3 - Age of Giant 3.

Age of Giant 3

Голосов : 9

In this game you should protect the lock about various opponents. Your task to improve the skills.

(Played: 2,650)

High Seas

Голосов : 16
In this beautiful game you the captain of the vessel, and you should win against other vessels, on hand you have some guns. Feel as the present of captains by the fighting ship.   W, S - speed   A, D - a course   Q, E - from w...
(Played: 7,032)

Crusader Defense: Level Pack

Голосов : 17

You have to build the soldiers along the road so that any enemy didn't pass. Improve them, improve the weapon, collect more gold.

(Played: 3,694)
Онлайн игра Elemental Strike: Mirage Tower - Elemental Strike: Mirage Tower.

Elemental Strike: Mirage Tower

Голосов : 17
As well as in all games of a genre protection by towers you should build structures which attack the enemy troops passing by. Your towers can be various modifications, at first you build tover of water, fire, a wind and the earth, having earned by...
(Played: 3,539)
Онлайн игра Last Mars Tower - Last Mars Tower.

Last Mars Tower

Голосов : 6

In this space strategy you are the last outpost of his people.You can not miss the enemies within.On this destroy enemy troops.Upgrade your tower, produce more metal.And then victory will be yours.

(Played: 2,530)
Онлайн игра Solarmax 2 - Solarmax 2.

Solarmax 2

Голосов : 18

In this puzzle you need a strategy to capture a planet with its atmosphere, try to capture as much of the planets before it will make the enemy.

(Played: 3,685)