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HALL OF FAME ( Pride game2ok ) (Updated the first of each month )

GAMES quest

Онлайн игра Crazy Dad Halloween - Crazy Dad Halloween.

Crazy Dad Halloween

Голосов : 3

It is quest in which you should find candies which somewhere are hidden.

(Played: 208)
Онлайн игра Monkey Go Happy Cabin Escape  - Monkey Go Happy Cabin Escape .

Monkey Go Happy Cabin Escape

Голосов : 6

Another part of the game, in which you need to save your friends and solve all the puzzles, helping the characters in the game, they give you items that more and more bring you closer to unraveling. Good luck!

(Played: 471)
Онлайн игра Psychoscape - Psychoscape.


Голосов : 0

You have woken up in the prison cell, your task to run away. You have to pass through several puzzles and win against Bill Cosby! You have to move the character, use jumps and movement to bypass obstacles. Don't forget to do improvements.

(Played: 346)
Онлайн игра Super Smash Monsters - Super Smash Monsters.

Super Smash Monsters

Голосов : 11
You should pass through a dangerous vault which is filled by various monsters. You have to be protected in arms. Take gold which will be on the place of the won monsters, or chests with treasures. Sometimes you should battle against bosses. Also i...
(Played: 1,270)
Онлайн игра Troll Face Quest TV Show - Troll Face Quest TV Show.

Troll Face Quest TV Show

Голосов : 28

Continuation of an adventure game in which you have to solve riddles in each level to pass to new heavier. Pleasant game

(Played: 4,849)
Онлайн игра All Bears Love Honey - All Bears Love Honey.

All Bears Love Honey

Голосов : 1

You play for the young girl for whom it is necessary доставить  honey. You should pass the wood and not to get on bears who will want to eat at her honey. Collect candies to unblock bonus level.

(Played: 511)
Онлайн игра Freak out kid - Freak out kid.

Freak out kid

Голосов : 3

You should solve various problems in lives and houses, solving everything independently.

(Played: 955)
Онлайн игра Monkey GO Happy Escape - Monkey GO Happy Escape.

Monkey GO Happy Escape

Голосов : 26

One more game about a monkey, in Monkey Go Happy Escape is one more part of a fascinating game. You should solve various logical problems to escape from the terrible lock!

(Played: 2,033)
Онлайн игра Trader of Stories: Chapter 1 - Trader of Stories: Chapter 1.

Trader of Stories: Chapter 1

Голосов : 1

Adventure quest in the mysterious world, you should pass all way which begins на  old tree.

(Played: 894)
Онлайн игра Elf Rescues Santa - Elf Rescues Santa.

Elf Rescues Santa

Голосов : 5
A good Christmas game in which the little elf to help my grandfather frost that got stuck in the chimney. Collect different objects, crawling animals and go silent all obstacles.

(Played: 842)
Онлайн игра Overcursed - Overcursed.


Голосов : 17

Very interesting and exciting quest in which you have to solve it for the monsters, or bring live in your mansion. Set traps, solve puzzles and try to catch the monster that lives in your home.

(Played: 1,524)
Онлайн игра Creepy Room Escape - Creepy Room Escape.

Creepy Room Escape

Голосов : 4

In this game you should get out of the room.

(Played: 1,516)
Онлайн игра Midnight Cinema - Midnight Cinema.

Midnight Cinema

Голосов : 35

It is quest which takes place in day when people frighten each other to understand as to pass it, it is possible to press a question mark in the left top corner.

(Played: 4,035)
Онлайн игра Wheely 8 - Wheely 8.

Wheely 8

Голосов : 56
This continuation of the well-known game about Willie's machine, in this part his girlfriend Jolie has gone to a picnic. But there was an unexpected event - has landed the UFO, and the newcomer has left it, he has told that he needs a component fo...
(Played: 7,140)
Онлайн игра Nimble Quest - Nimble Quest.

Nimble Quest

Голосов : 13
Create the group and win against all animals and dead persons who will become at you on the way. Your characters attack by various methods of enemies, the archer shoots a bow, the knight beats we throw, the magician causes a loss spells. Avoid opp...
(Played: 2,984)
Онлайн игра Dead End - Dead End.

Dead End

Голосов : 8
The quest consists of 9 levels in which to you ндао to make escape. It is story with murder of the large businessman in the city. Your father was the detective investigating this case. But once ваш  the father was missing. Now you should find...
(Played: 1,584)


Голосов : 4

Quest in which you should solve several problems to escape from the world of dreams to which you were sent by some angry sorcerer.

(Played: 1,345)
Онлайн игра Trollface Quest: Video Games - Trollface Quest: Video Games.

Trollface Quest: Video Games

Голосов : 90
This continuation of the game Trollface Quest. You should troll the famous characters of video games, at the same time solving various complex problems. You will face various characters of video games. You should go more than 30 levels to Trollfac...
(Played: 24,509)
Онлайн игра Astrocreep - Astrocreep.


Голосов : 126

You play for a space parasite who has got on station with the dead astronaut. You should survive, develop in a big parasite and is all on the way. Game is more similar to a quest.

(Played: 10,004)
Онлайн игра The Journey Home - The Journey Home.

The Journey Home

Голосов : 43

It is a quest in which you should come back home, at the same time you should overcome many various adventures on the road, to meet many people and enemies.

(Played: 5,659)
Онлайн игра Marko Sharko: Missing Vase - Marko Sharko: Missing Vase.

Marko Sharko: Missing Vase

Голосов : 3

You play for a shark who acts as the detective. To you on the computer letters with tasks arrive and you should execute them.

(Played: 1,081)
Онлайн игра Weapon Quest 3D - Weapon Quest 3D.

Weapon Quest 3D

Голосов : 114

In this game you travel around the mysterious world, you should perform various tasks, to kill spiders, goblins and other enemies and to survive.

(Played: 13,747)
Онлайн игра A Goody Life - A Goody Life.

A Goody Life

Голосов : 36

You have moved to other city, and you should settle in it, find work, you go to a gym, make friends. You should settle the city.

(Played: 3,418)
Онлайн игра A Wizard's Journey Day 4 - A Wizard's Journey Day 4.

A Wizard's Journey Day 4

Голосов : 3

This continuation of game. You should find everything in this quest to reach the end, look for various things to see where will give his adventures!

(Played: 1,342)
Онлайн игра Jessica's School - Jessica's School.

Jessica's School

Голосов : 9

You play for Jessica, it is boring for her in a mathematical class, and she wants to leave school. You should leave the room and to begin search of objects which could help you to go outside!

(Played: 3,073)
Онлайн игра The Haunted Story - The Haunted Story.

The Haunted Story

Голосов : 4
You have to pass a set various riddles and adventures to show drawing that you have drawn to the acquaintance. Generally a quite good quest on logic. For the hint at the beginning take a ruler in a table, and pasatizha. Get a ruler a key from a ca...
(Played: 1,640)
Онлайн игра Fatal Fighters 2 - Fatal Fighters 2.

Fatal Fighters 2

Голосов : 20

Good game in which you have to score points of power putting cubes of identical color. Strengthen blow force, increase armor and break the opponents.

(Played: 3,558)
Онлайн игра Cube Escape: Theatre - Cube Escape: Theatre.

Cube Escape: Theatre

Голосов : 10

Cube Escape: Theatre - you have to find a way as in theater to look at six plays since 1971.

(Played: 3,418)
Онлайн игра Small Boy Escape - Small Boy Escape.

Small Boy Escape

Голосов : 15

You play for the little boy who was kidnapped, and you should try to be chosen and escape from the place where you are held.

(Played: 4,209)
Онлайн игра Deterministic Dungeon - Deterministic Dungeon.

Deterministic Dungeon

Голосов : 209
Very interesting step-by-step strategy in which you choose to yourself the knight, then you call him and you go down in a dungeon to find the chief boss and to punish him for the fact that he has stolen the programmer. Moving on rooms you choose a...
(Played: 21,981)