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HALL OF FAME ( Pride game2ok ) (Updated the first of each month )

GAMES driving

Онлайн игра Hard Crash - Hard Crash.

Hard Crash

Голосов : 2

In the game Hard Crash you should choose the available car and to accept a fate in races against against 4 opponents. You should pass through all obstacles and to show the skill.

(Played: 183)
Онлайн игра Extreme Drift - Extreme Drift.

Extreme Drift

Голосов : 3

In this game you should driftovat and earn coins, the longer you drifted, the you will earn more coins. As soon as at you there is enough money, you will be able to buy still cars. You will be able to do the same him tuning.

(Played: 491)
Онлайн игра Just Park It 11  - Just Park It 11 .

Just Park It 11

Голосов : 1

This continuation of the game Just Park It 10. In this game you should park long грузовик 

(Played: 137)
Онлайн игра Shifty Gears  - Shifty Gears .

Shifty Gears

Голосов : 3
In the game Shifty Gears you should jump from transport on transport and to reach the finish. Cars will break, you should change them on the run. If the car has broken, change it as soon as possible as differently your car can взорваться.  Us...
(Played: 347)
Онлайн игра Offroad Truck Driver - Offroad Truck Driver.

Offroad Truck Driver

Голосов : 7
In this 3D game, you should try to carry out freight by truck and not to lose him and though partially to bring him to customers. You are ready to undertake such responsibility? Then you get on the powerful truck, and try to finish level having de...
(Played: 1,165)


Голосов : 8

In this game you should deliver freight to the destination. On the way at you will be much разных  obstacles, to you надо  to go carefully and not to lose freight. Collect деньги  to modernize the truck.

(Played: 853)
Онлайн игра Undead Drive - Undead Drive.

Undead Drive

Голосов : 3
In Undead Drive you drive the car, and you should reach the end of the street filled with hungry zombies. You should press the zombie and boxes, so you receive cash. It will help you to upgrade the car. Zombies attack and can destroy your car ther...
(Played: 515)
Онлайн игра Absotruckinlutely - Absotruckinlutely.


Голосов : 4

You should go through obstacles, doing tricks, to collect coins. You can do mad tricks in a race and the whip-round on the way will help you with improvements of your car.

(Played: 467)


Голосов : 17

It is the 3D simulator of driving of the truck, it is based on WebGL technology.

(Played: 2,902)
Онлайн игра  Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit  -  Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit .

Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit

Голосов : 21

You should catch up with the violator on the police car and to stop him. For this purpose you should catch up and ram the violator.

(Played: 3,739)
Онлайн игра Drift Hunters - Drift Hunters.

Drift Hunters

Голосов : 39

Drift hunters is a 3D game, on driving of the car. You should score points, drifting by various cars. For these points you will be able to buy still cars, or to improve that which already is.

(Played: 7,710)
Онлайн игра Scrap GL 2  - Scrap GL 2 .

Scrap GL 2

Голосов : 27

Continuation game GL Scrap metal! In this game there are a lot of new cars, try to break as much as possible cars.

(Played: 2,935)
Онлайн игра X Games: Rally Racing - X Games: Rally Racing.

X Games: Rally Racing

Голосов : 5

A game is devoted to driving, you should choose the game mode, to choose the car, a track and to try to win. Unblock more tracks and cars.

(Played: 1,610)
Онлайн игра Blocky Zombie Highway - Blocky Zombie Highway.

Blocky Zombie Highway

Голосов : 36
In this gloomy game, you should survive as long as possible and to pass as it is possible further, on the street of the zombie apocalypse! Avoid dangerous obstacles, the flaring barrels, road blocks, and various radioactive pools! You press all on...
(Played: 2,821)
Онлайн игра Extreme Truck 2 - Extreme Truck 2.

Extreme Truck 2

Голосов : 5

You go by extreme landscapes by truck. Try to deldat tricks!

(Played: 1,443)
Онлайн игра DiRT Showdown: Slam and Sprint - DiRT Showdown: Slam and Sprint.

DiRT Showdown: Slam and Sprint

Голосов : 9

In this game you should participate in a serious race. You should win as much as possible money. For this money you will be able to buy new cars, or to improve the old.


& nbsp;

(Played: 962)
Онлайн игра Offroader V5 - Offroader V5.

Offroader V5

Голосов : 162

You drive different cars, hit, break them, have fun, can try how to go drunk.

(Played: 21,363)
Онлайн игра 3Д симулятор машин (3D Car Simulator) - 3Д симулятор машин (3D Car Simulator).

3Д симулятор машин (3D Car Simulator)

Голосов : 73

In the game 3D Car Simulator you are waited by the speed and fun, this simulator allows to check and improve the skills. каку I will dress Vyberayte from cards and the car. Drive on roads with a huge speed!

(Played: 14,435)
Онлайн игра ATV Junkyard - ATV Junkyard.

ATV Junkyard

Голосов : 5

You should be passed on a dump and not to damage yourself. Pass all way, without losing balance.

(Played: 3,009)
Онлайн игра Wheely 8 - Wheely 8.

Wheely 8

Голосов : 44
This continuation of the well-known game about Willie's machine, in this part his girlfriend Jolie has gone to a picnic. But there was an unexpected event - has landed the UFO, and the newcomer has left it, he has told that he needs a component fo...
(Played: 5,657)
Онлайн игра Operation Desert Road - Operation Desert Road.

Operation Desert Road

Голосов : 28

Conduct your tank on the road while there fights are going, and destroy buildings. You go in the good tank, try to investigate new types of vehicles and animals!

(Played: 3,889)
Онлайн игра Mad Drivers - Mad Drivers.

Mad Drivers

Голосов : 41

In this game you should be the mad driver! You should pass 15 levels.

(Played: 9,380)
Онлайн игра Moto X3M 3 - Moto X3M 3.

Moto X3M 3

Голосов : 28

You should pass more than 20 fascinating levels full of tricks, obstacles in huge speed.

(Played: 3,280)
Онлайн игра Hill Racing 2 - Hill Racing 2.

Hill Racing 2

Голосов : 60

You begin the trip on a red sedan, having passed on the road with obstacles you collect gold for which in garage you can pump over the device. Buy the new engine, the gearbox, tires and other details and reach the finish as soon as possible.

(Played: 7,488)
Онлайн игра Taxi Drift - Taxi Drift.

Taxi Drift

Голосов : 8

You should find passengers, & nbsp; and to take them to places necessary to them, to earn money and to try not to have an accident.

(Played: 2,007)
Онлайн игра Mini Machines - Mini Machines.

Mini Machines

Голосов : 4

Choose the route, and accept a fate in races with other machines, collect the moments to do improvements in the small car.

(Played: 924)
Онлайн игра Crunched Metal Drifting Wars - Crunched Metal Drifting Wars.

Crunched Metal Drifting Wars

Голосов : 61

It is a multiplayer game in which you it is necessary to destroy the opponents, to shoot at them, to driftit at great speed. Generally normal game for fans of speed.

(Played: 15,394)
Онлайн игра  Drift Z -  Drift Z.

Drift Z

Голосов : 31

You should and destroy to the car the zombie, only don't get to him, he is very strong, and can break off your car on pieces.

(Played: 12,144)
Онлайн игра Night Race Rally - Night Race Rally.

Night Race Rally

Голосов : 3

In this game you play for the racer of a sports car, you should go at night on the route and not to go astray. Game reminds games 90-x.

(Played: 1,633)
Онлайн игра Dead Ahead - Dead Ahead.

Dead Ahead

Голосов : 4

You should pass as it is possible further among the zombie, shoot on catching up by means of a gap, and operate shooters, The more you kill the zombie, the more you will be зарабатывать  points!


(Played: 1,026)