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HALL OF FAME ( Pride game2ok ) (Updated the first of each month )

GAMES insects

    Онлайн игра Insects: Alien Shooter - Insects: Alien Shooter.

    Insects: Alien Shooter

    Голосов : 8

    In this game you should survive in infinite waves of insects who will attack you. improve the weapon. Armor slowly regenerates if not to get to it.


    (Played: 2,245)
    Онлайн игра -

    Голосов : 1535

    Game cheerful online at the beginning of which you enter the name and you go to the arena on which have to eat multi-colored glowworms and increase in sizes then when you become a huge snake you can eat players who online.

    (Played: 865,966)
    Онлайн игра Splatter Bugs - Splatter Bugs.

    Splatter Bugs

    Голосов : 8
    Generally, once upon a time there were flies, and they had nothing to eat, one of flies has suggested to try to eat radioactive waste. They have eaten, and mutated in flies to whom to taste there was a person. Also they have decided to depart to t...
    (Played: 2,972)
    Онлайн игра Swords and Souls - Swords and Souls.

    Swords and Souls

    Голосов : 294
    You play for the guy who decided to earn money I participate in tournaments in the arena. You start fights with a stick and a log, having earned by money you buy the best weapon and an armor. Build the house and you osushchetvit dream of your wife...
    (Played: 64,541)
    Онлайн игра Jump Out The Box: Computer - Jump Out The Box: Computer.

    Jump Out The Box: Computer

    Голосов : 2

    Help the two insects out of the box, for this you need to zabrygnut into the hole in the box.

    (Played: 1,197)
    Онлайн игра Arachnid - Arachnid.


    Голосов : 7

    You need to kill as many bugs.In this game you shoot at odd spiders that attack you.Try to kill them all, for killed k4azhdogo you are given points, they are the same and your life, and your cartridges.

    (Played: 2,894)
    Онлайн игра Cooped Up - Cooped Up.

    Cooped Up

    Голосов : 8

    Chick out of the cage and wants to fly home.Help him to collect the flies, worms to eat and thus become stronger and growths. Avoid large birds that can throw you to the bottom. Very cool platformer please everyone who likes to play jumpers.

    (Played: 3,534)
    Онлайн игра Rafter Toad - Rafter Toad.

    Rafter Toad

    Голосов : 1

    You play for a toad, you should float all obstacles in the way, collecting mosquitoes and other prizes. You are waited by many adventures.

    (Played: 2,176)
    Онлайн игра Fruit Defense 4 - Fruit Defense 4.

    Fruit Defense 4

    Голосов : 16

    This four part Fruit Defense - fun game.Build a defense to the enemy could not get to you, because some holons ever. Choose a weapon, build towers, do improve.In general, success.

    (Played: 4,179)
    Онлайн игра Brutal Swing - Brutal Swing.

    Brutal Swing

    Голосов : 12

    You have a delicious sandwich, and you're drooling allowed to eat it, but the seagulls ahead of you. Avenge gulls, and show who is boss.

    (Played: 6,291)
    Онлайн игра Run Flower Run - Run Flower Run.

    Run Flower Run

    Голосов : 1

    You have to beat all rivals in the woods, so take your time and do not be late.It may be the most important race of your life.

    (Played: 2,214)
    Онлайн игра CREEP CRAFT 2 - CREEP CRAFT 2.


    Голосов : 668

    You green reptile, and you need to perform various tasks, the game demo, this is available only a couple of levels, until there is only a game on the website of the author.

    (Played: 93,178)
    Онлайн игра Hungry Hedgehog - Hungry Hedgehog.

    Hungry Hedgehog

    Голосов : 10

    In the game you help him fill the hedgehog empty stomach. Drive them to send bugs, cockroaches and other insects.

    (Played: 3,036)

    Bee Wars

    Голосов : 4

    You have to catch bees, and then attack them other beehive. At the same time improve the bees, increase the territory. Sense of a game - to take all beehives

    (Played: 2,275)

    Little Mosquito

    Голосов : 1

    You should manage to drink as much as possible blood and to come back home. Improve the mosquito, buy new upgrades, you are waited by new people, new blood, and new acquaintances

    (Played: 4,099)