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HALL OF FAME ( Pride game2ok ) (Updated the first of each month )

GAMES robots

Онлайн игра -

Голосов : 0

A cool 3D multipleerny game, you should play for the robot and to play for the nbsp team.&;

(Played: 77)
Онлайн игра RoBBiE - RoBBiE.


Голосов : 0

In this game you play for the small robot which wait for numerous adventures on his way.

(Played: 75)
Онлайн игра -

Голосов : 0

Battle with sets of robots which are operated by other users. Quite beautiful graphics allows will enjoy the game.

(Played: 193)
Онлайн игра Robot Run Madness - Robot Run Madness.

Robot Run Madness

Голосов : 1
You battle for the robot, against the evil robot. You should try to keep the robot in air, using a gap and a mouse. You should collect coins and bonuses - boards, they will protect you from damages. You should avoid contact of any of red robots. A...
(Played: 169)
Онлайн игра Nemesis - Nemesis.


Голосов : 0

In the game Nemesis, you play roles of the pilot of the fighter and you should battle against enemies by planes and the ships. Choose one of three planes, possessing unique weapon.

(Played: 270)
Онлайн игра Girls Like Robots - Girls Like Robots.

Girls Like Robots

Голосов : 5

Funny logic game with good graphics. You need to place robots between girls so that they were satisfied. Complete all the levels with different complexity, good luck.

(Played: 794)
Онлайн игра Rustyard - Rustyard.


Голосов : 8

Help the small robot Grow by name to bring order in him pass the city, perform various logical tasks and pass all levels.

(Played: 1,699)
Онлайн игра Robo Racing 2 - Robo Racing 2.

Robo Racing 2

Голосов : 19

You should rescue people, robots on your planet became hostile, and for this purpose you have a robotic car which has to help you with it. Destroy robots on the way.

(Played: 2,531)
Онлайн игра  Fury of Metal -  Fury of Metal.

Fury of Metal

Голосов : 26

You play for the big robot, you should destroy everything around yourself.

(Played: 3,965)
Онлайн игра The Explosive Squad 2 - The Explosive Squad 2.

The Explosive Squad 2

Голосов : 18

In this game you play roles of the soldier, and your task to kill all robots, to destroy all enemies.

(Played: 1,814)
Онлайн игра Tori Energy Factory - Tori Energy Factory.

Tori Energy Factory

Голосов : 11

You play for the small robot of the Tory which has to collect more energy for the plant, and only that energy which is necessary at present. You should turn aside from orange power charges of energy and to collect only what is necessary.

(Played: 2,217)
Онлайн игра Guardians of the Galaxy: Legendary Relics - Guardians of the Galaxy: Legendary Relics.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Legendary Relics

Голосов : 15

Go to dangerous travel through open spaces of the Universe passing asteroids the enemy ships and other space objects. You need to collect sacred relics which are scattered on different planets.

(Played: 4,183)
Онлайн игра Robots Continue Work Sequence - Robots Continue Work Sequence.

Robots Continue Work Sequence

Голосов : 25

In this game you operate robots, you should distribute correctly time to finish level as soon as possible. In game of 30 levels, and everyone in the environment. For management use a mouse.

(Played: 2,877)
Онлайн игра Nuclear Gun - Nuclear Gun.

Nuclear Gun

Голосов : 17
Fascinating game in which you shoot at robots, tanks, and other mechanical enemies. At the end of level you have an opportunity to improve the weapon. During fight put to yourself auxiliary modules which will add force of attack or will restore yo...
(Played: 3,091)
Онлайн игра Star Cars - Star Cars.

Star Cars

Голосов : 13

Cool game in which you make a choice of the character and you begin travel through various locations. On the way you have to collect coins, will evade from different dangers and to destroy the enemies.

(Played: 2,116)
Онлайн игра Alien Transporter - Alien Transporter.

Alien Transporter

Голосов : 21

Logical game which it is possible to play together with the friend. The purpose to transport aliens on certain platforms. For work!

(Played: 3,681)
Онлайн игра Bitzy Blitz - Bitzy Blitz.

Bitzy Blitz

Голосов : 37
Earth was attacked by aliens, and you as the brave hero have to protect it from захватчиков.  You have three types of weapon, over time you should increase its power until it becomes sufficient for a victory. But also aggressors too increase ...
(Played: 3,181)
Онлайн игра Big Evil Robots - Big Evil Robots.

Big Evil Robots

Голосов : 16

In this game you should throw a stone so that to break a robot power source, then you will be able to prevent alien invasion, having destroyed all robots which got to Earth.

(Played: 3,377)
Онлайн игра Tank 4 Hire - Tank 4 Hire.

Tank 4 Hire

Голосов : 16

You operate the tank which has to destroy enemy troops. Shoot at tourist's fir-trees, infantry to heavy troops and win against their leader of the alien. After fight improve armor, shells, speed and other characteristics.

(Played: 3,428)
Онлайн игра Lasers'n'stuff - Lasers'n'stuff.


Голосов : 10

You fly in space and you destroy all enemies. You have various boards, the weapon, and luck. It everything to win space fight which was stretched on many parsecs on all galaxy.

(Played: 3,425)
Онлайн игра Galaxy Mission - Galaxy Mission.

Galaxy Mission

Голосов : 32
In game you create the character, you distribute to him points of a talanst and you go on the arena. Before you there will be blocks which will need to be put to the horizontal or vertical line, having put they will disappear and will give you a b...
(Played: 8,165)
Онлайн игра The Giant Robot Versus Mars Invaders - The Giant Robot Versus Mars Invaders.

The Giant Robot Versus Mars Invaders

Голосов : 23
The earth was attacked by Martian aggressors, but people of Earth didn't become puzzled, and constructed the huge robot for fight against them. And you driver of this robot. You should collect at the beginning of the robot from various parts, and ...
(Played: 5,889)
Онлайн игра Defense Alien War - Defense Alien War.

Defense Alien War

Голосов : 7

You need to protect your databases from the penetration of enemy ships, for this you build a few towers and guns to keep them pass.

(Played: 2,289)
Онлайн игра Robot Defender 2 - Robot Defender 2.

Robot Defender 2

Голосов : 5

You play as a robot and your task is to protect yourself from insects that crawl to you from all sides.

(Played: 1,860)
Онлайн игра Luka&Lara: Robo Abduction - Luka&Lara: Robo Abduction.

Luka&Lara: Robo Abduction

Голосов : 6

Once at deep dark night the loving couple was stolen by robots aliens. You should get out of the spaceship. For a start find a way out from an imprisonment, then find the girl Lara and destroy the ship before sending to the earth.

(Played: 2,287)
Онлайн игра Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup - Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup.

Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup

Голосов : 11

Save Popo friends from the evil dragon, just help them to escape from it all.You have a choice of many levels in which you have to perform various tasks.

(Played: 3,324)
Онлайн игра Robot Tarantula - Robot Tarantula.

Robot Tarantula

Голосов : 39

You have to build a robot, and then destroy everything around this robot.

(Played: 7,188)
Онлайн игра Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup Online - Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup Online.

Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup Online

Голосов : 28

3D game in which you the robot escape from invasion of aliens and you rescue sheep. Push herd, beat bosses, earn coins and buy modifiers.

(Played: 5,903)
Онлайн игра Yugopotaamia Mania - Yugopotaamia Mania.

Yugopotaamia Mania

Голосов : 3

Help Timmy collect all the things and help him save the world.For this you need to win all the creatures you meet on your way to collect money, and a variety of subjects, they will be useful in the future.Avoid collisions with enemies.

(Played: 2,018)
Онлайн игра Operator 90 - Operator 90.

Operator 90

Голосов : 13

Retro shooter in which you're a robot that protects the laboratory from invading spider droids. The blue laser shoot the enemy in the red from the gun. Use bombs that hit multiple targets.

(Played: 2,934)