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HALL OF FAME ( Pride game2ok ) (Updated the first of each month )

GAMES trucks

Онлайн игра Just Park It 11  - Just Park It 11 .

Just Park It 11

Голосов : 4

This continuation of the game Just Park It 10. In this game you should park long грузовик 

(Played: 775)
Онлайн игра Tapocalypse - Tapocalypse.


Голосов : 26

You should destroy all equipment which pursues you, kill as much as possible cars.

(Played: 12,170)
Онлайн игра Truck Driver Crazy Road - Truck Driver Crazy Road.

Truck Driver Crazy Road

Голосов : 49

The purpose of game consists in that to deliver freight and one point in another, is expensive on the way awful with a heap of breaks and other barriers. Be accurate, you do not hurry and deliver all goods in time.

(Played: 10,336)
Онлайн игра Absotruckinlutely - Absotruckinlutely.


Голосов : 24
In this game you the truck driver of the monster, you should pass a canyon as soon as possible, это  will be fascinating and it is interesting. You should pass many various obstacles, on the way all types of waste, abysses, obstacles will mee...
(Played: 5,643)
Онлайн игра Stunt Crazy 2 - Stunt Crazy 2.

Stunt Crazy 2

Голосов : 35

You operate the vehicle by which you should destroy everything on the way, you have rockets, a rocket engine and bombs. You should fly up and to hit as so that to destroy as much as possible buildings. Management: ASDW, shooters and ZXC buttons.

(Played: 6,557)
Онлайн игра Monster Truck Assault - Monster Truck Assault.

Monster Truck Assault

Голосов : 24
It is not simple game in which you pass distance by truck, but in this game you can use rockets to show who here the real severe man. Show rockets that you here an alphamale. You can improve the truck until you become the most abrupt on sorevnovan...
(Played: 5,368)
Онлайн игра Lethal Race - Lethal Race.

Lethal Race

Голосов : 78

Cool racing game in which you have to do tricks to receive nitro. Overtake the enemies, land on wheels as the car will explode and you will lose positions in race. Good luck!

(Played: 9,271)
Онлайн игра Bomb Transport - Bomb Transport.

Bomb Transport

Голосов : 13

You should translate a bomb by truck, at the same time it is necessary that the bomb hasn't dropped out of the truck, it is one of many similar games, only here it is impossible to improve the truck, and just to score points.

(Played: 3,023)
Онлайн игра Forklift Simulator - Forklift Simulator.

Forklift Simulator

Голосов : 3

In this game you the cool driver & nbsp; freight elevator. You should unload correctly cars, and to put boxes there where you should put. You will be approached by cars, and you should unload them.

(Played: 2,951)
Онлайн игра Coal Express 5 - Coal Express 5.

Coal Express 5

Голосов : 25

You should deliver all freight, without having lost it on the road. The company hopes for your experiment, and on it entrusted you such valuable freight.

(Played: 4,405)
Онлайн игра Beast Monster Trucks - Beast Monster Trucks.

Beast Monster Trucks

Голосов : 39

In this game you carry out various tricks, you earn money, you buy new trucks. Game with good graphics.

(Played: 9,866)
Онлайн игра Tow Truck Operator - Tow Truck Operator.

Tow Truck Operator

Голосов : 39

You tow truck driver, big and heavy truck. Your task to arrive on that place where you were called (which to you the arrow specifies). And to bring the broken car to repair.

(Played: 6,908)
Онлайн игра Mad Day 2 - Mad Day 2.

Mad Day 2

Голосов : 117

You quietly lived until aliens seized Earth. You should rescue the friend. In this game you should pass all way to the end, thus to survive, improve the car, the weapon. Try to avoid bombs and other obstacles.

(Played: 11,791)
Онлайн игра On the Run - On the Run.

On the Run

Голосов : 17
Super mega cool зd race game. You the driver of the small machine also eat on the cities forcing down destroying, collecting coins and bonuses. Having passed a distance you receive gold, in shop you will be able to get the new car or to pump over ...
(Played: 5,715)
Онлайн игра Gold Mine Car - Gold Mine Car.

Gold Mine Car

Голосов : 12
You work hard on a gold mine, pull out pieces of gold on the surface of the ship and into the truck, then you need to gently bring the gold to the point of reception.Be careful, otherwise you can lose all the gold.Upgrade your truck, buy a trailer...
(Played: 2,633)
Онлайн игра  The Truck Driver -  The Truck Driver.

The Truck Driver

Голосов : 24

You cool the driver, and in this game you have to ride on different machines the distance to the finish line, they all behave differently, but you drove a steep and you any car on the shoulder.

(Played: 6,675)
Онлайн игра Rock Crawler - Rock Crawler.

Rock Crawler

Голосов : 17

You need to drive and do not get stuck on the big jeep through a lot of obstacles and difficulties.You can play with other players online, or in a single game.Do not forget to improve on his jeep as the coins will type while driving.

(Played: 7,207)
Онлайн игра Truck Traffic Racer - Truck Traffic Racer.

Truck Traffic Racer

Голосов : 29

You good driver? You want to check it? Then this game for you, you have to pass all distance without accidents. And you then will become the excellent driver.

(Played: 14,499)
Онлайн игра Mining Truck - Mining Truck.

Mining Truck

Голосов : 10

The game Mining Truck you need to be able to carry the ore from one place to another, while losing it should be as small as possible, because it depends on your income. Be careful not to break the truck, and not lose the whole ore.

(Played: 4,529)
Онлайн игра  Monsters' Wheels 2 -  Monsters' Wheels 2.

Monsters' Wheels 2

Голосов : 87

The second part of the race on muscle carts. Overtake their opponents, do somersaults, pick bonuses and improve the performance of your vehicle in the shop. Enjoy the race

(Played: 15,988)
Онлайн игра Roadkill Revenge - Roadkill Revenge.

Roadkill Revenge

Голосов : 14
Your friend hare killed hated car. You need to join with other animals, build a killer machine for cars, and on the last trip to ram other cars on the road. You need to destroy the machine, complete the mission, blowing up themselves and other roa...
(Played: 5,966)
Онлайн игра Max Fury Death Racer - Max Fury Death Racer.

Max Fury Death Racer

Голосов : 32

In general, you have a cool car with a gun, you need to destroy all the other cars, and improve your car and complete all the tasks that are provided in this game.

(Played: 4,936)
Онлайн игра Jelly Truck - Jelly Truck.

Jelly Truck

Голосов : 11

Very nice children's game in which you control a truck which should reach the finish line. On the way he faces the obstacles of jelly, the abyss and other items. Enjoy the game

(Played: 2,804)
Онлайн игра Circus 2: New Adventures - Circus 2: New Adventures.

Circus 2: New Adventures

Голосов : 8

An exciting puzzle game in which you help the little man to get to the miraculous pool. Substitute circus items so that on the character was able to get into the water.

(Played: 2,659)
Онлайн игра Just Park It 8 - Just Park It 8.

Just Park It 8

Голосов : 6

In this game you have to park the truck with a trailer is not so easy at first glance, as it seems

(Played: 3,087)
Онлайн игра Truck Toss - Truck Toss.

Truck Toss

Голосов : 12

You have to drive further to the NAK can be a truck, make upgrades and improvements

(Played: 3,290)
Онлайн игра Extreme Cargo Transporter - Extreme Cargo Transporter.

Extreme Cargo Transporter

Голосов : 1

Extreme Cargo Transporter - flash game in which you have to deliver the goods on the truck to the other side, at the same time to bring him as much as possible the whole and entire.

(Played: 3,352)
Онлайн игра Monster Stunts 3D - Monster Stunts 3D.

Monster Stunts 3D

Голосов : 7

You should carry out tricks on big the truck

(Played: 3,328)
Онлайн игра Zombie Car Madness - Zombie Car Madness.

Zombie Car Madness

Голосов : 5

Operate the reinforced car, you press the zombie, do сальть for receiving additional nitro, generally make everything to ostat in live at the same time to kill monsters.

(Played: 2,962)
Онлайн игра Animal Truck - Animal Truck.

Animal Truck

Голосов : 2

In a game you transport soft grushka in the form of animals. It is necessary to reach a point of unloading for the minimum time without having lost at the same time any animal.

(Played: 1,643)