Car Eats Car 6

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Description of the game
The game Car Eats Car 6 is continuation of the well-known series a game about Car Eats Car, here you also should try to survive in the evil world of cars, playing at the beginning for the small machine which was lost, and wants to come back home to the best friend who was played with her. You will try to reach, but on your way there will be evil cars which will want to eat you. Upgrade the car until you go that it was possible to survive as long as possible and to reach until the end of a way.
It is online game from the category FUN GAMES, GAMES FOR BOYS, KIDS GAMES, CRAZY DRIVERS, BATTLES ON THE MACHINES, RACE GAMES, HTML GAMES, which you can play free of charge on game2ok. Already played it 5119 times, the game was added by 2018-03-14
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