Klondike Solitaire

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Description of the game
Solitaire with quite pleasant and convenient interface. Basic cards - aces. The aces which are released in the course of a rearrangement are transferred to the top row. It is allowed to shift free cards of each vertical row and all cards of a reserve. Cards in ranks can be shifted from a row in a row in the descending order, alternating red and black. Cards of a reserve can be moved both on basic cards, and on the corresponding game (free) cards of ranks. It is in case of need allowed to use the maps which are already laid in a row aces, - the top cards of this row can be put on game cards of a kerchief, but not a reserve
It is online game from the category GAMBLING GAMES, which you can play free of charge on game2ok. Already played it 2540 times, the game was added by 2013-05-16
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