Strike Force Heroes

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Description of the game
Heroes of shock group - very cool toy with pumping of levels, a large number of weapon, levels, skills, abilities. At your choice there are 4 classes of unique characters: Physician, Tank, Komandos, Sniper, 65 types of weapon, skins, violas of the character. Different characters are suitable for different missions, after death you can choose other character, the more you play one character the more his skills are pumped over and there are available new types of tools. The purpose to save mankind is necessary to your team. A game includes several types of missions: Capture - when it is necessary to take a subject and to carry him to the base, Domination - when it is necessary to take and hold points bigger time than rivals, and naturally Fight to death
It is online game from the category ACTION GAMES, which you can play free of charge on game2ok. Already played it 6096 times, the game was added by 2013-07-05
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